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The Effective Remedies for the Cure of Shingles

Are you suffering from shingles and are in search for an effective remedy for the shingles problem? The good news is that with the remedies we will give herein, you will just appreciate that this is just but the best place you will have found yourself in. We will be sharing some of the most effective remedies for your shingles problem as a matter of fact.

What answers we will seek to have in the first place are the questions over the causes of shingles. The major known cause of shingles is the herpes varicella zoster, also known as the zoster virus. It is this same virus that is known to be the major cause of Chicken pox in the young ones. Chicken pox is actually one of the conditions that our bodies in a way get to be immunized against naturally once we have suffered and healed from and as such you are less faced with the prospects of suffering from it another time in life. The thing that happens is that even though the virus remains in the body, you will indeed have it there but it will be deactivated as such has no cause for threats to your body. Shingles is however the case where the deactivated virus gets reactivated again. It gets to be an infection from the nerve as well from the skin surrounding the area. Take a look at some of the remedies that will indeed prove helpful to help you deal with the shingles problem as w have listed below.

The Calamine lotion is typically one of the remedies we will have a look at. The drug stores and the health food stores actually have this product in their stocks and as such you can readily find them for the cure of the shingles problem you may be suffering from. The lotion will be a really effective solution for the treatment of the blisters forming on the skin from the shingles and as well will be good at reducing the itching sensation that you will feel on the skin as a result of the same health condition. Think of enhancing its effectiveness by adding to it a slight percentage of isopropyl alcohol and even phenol and menthol so as to enhance its effectiveness. The use of the Calamine lotion together with the others as we will see mentioned following will indeed go a long way in helping you have a remedy for the shingles problem you may be suffering from.

Continuing with the complementary effective remedies to the use of the Calamine lotion for the treatment of the problem of shingles we will see the use of the Chloroform/Aspirin Paste. This is simply derived from mashing tablets of aspirin into powder and then adding to the powder tablets some drops of chloroform to form a blend.

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